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Retrofit Program

Through Maxlight retrofit services, existing facilities can be turned to a full benefits of energy efficient, modern lighting.  Such  upgrades not only provide better quality illumination but also deliver short- and long-term savings through Ontario rebate  Program.


We guarantee lower energy costs. Don't assume high electric bills are simply part of doing business. 

What are the benefits?

  • Saving lighting energy up to 75%Saving up to 50% of your Hydro bill

  • Receiving rebates up to 50% of your project cost

  • Increases light levels and enhances light quality

  • less maintenance fees

  • Environment friendly lighting

Our Commitment

We are dedicated to providing our customers with the highest quality lighting products and solutions to enable them to enjoy superior light and economic value while protecting the environment.


In order to best meet each client's unique needs, we provide FREE on-site energy assessments which allow us to create a fully customized LED lighting solution for the client's specific energy-saving goals, lighting requirements, and budget.


We'll visit your facility to examine your current fixtures and existing lights and so survey areas that are underperforming or wasting energy. Comprehensive Lighting Retrofit Proposal Our detailed proposal will include a complete analysis of your current system along with:


Our lighting assessments allow us to get a clear idea of your energy usage related to lighting.  Our energy consultants will start with determining the 'voltage out' by becoming familiar with your business.


We'll assess your existing lighting systems, days and hours of operation, and review your utility bills. With this information, we can calculate how much electricity your facility is using for lighting and propose a custom energy-efficient LED solution for your business


We offer Comprehensive Rebate Management. 

We are an  Accredited Applicant Representative for The Government’s Rebate Program, so we are in the best position to help you save money when you are ready to replace your outdated lighting equipment with energy-efficient LED lighting.


We're up-to-date on the rebate options available through your local utility companies,


Maxlight Solutions is committed to providing professional electrical services and installation  using certified  licensed electricians  for all project. 

Our experienced electricians will work together with you to devise and deliver custom, energy-efficient lighting installation for your business minimizing effect on your daily business operation

Let's Discuss 
Your Next Project

Fill out the form, or call us to set up a free consultation.

Service Areas:

Toronto, Markham, Mississauga, Brampton, Richmond Hill, New Market, Aurora, Scarborough, Ajax, Hamilton, Oshawa, and Southern Ontario Region.

1110 Finch Street West, Toronto, ON, Unit #39

(416) 477-6098     (647)295-9126

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