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About Maxlight Solutions

Maxlight Solutions is supplier designer of energy-efficient LED lighting solutions.


We are focused on providing commercial, industrial and municipal customers with the latest high performance LED lighting for a Maximum result.


Switching from incandescent and fluorescent Or HID/HPS lamps to LED lamps will dramatically reduce energy consumption and lighting maintenance costs.


We offer a broad range of LED lighting products to meet the needs of practically any lighting requirement.


We invite you to explore our product pages to see the types of LED lighting solutions available to you.

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Our Quality Guarantee

Our High Quality LED products with a customer-driven focus to add value to organizations by improving working environments and reducing overall costs related to energy consumption and maintenance.


Please contact us to learn how Maxlight solutions can provide you with cost-effective LED lighting which is designed to work in existing lighting fixtures.

Switch to energy efficient LED Lighting Solutions.


Tell us about your project today.

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